Is Bluehost the Best Shared Hosting Provider?

To provide a solid answer to the above question, here is an objective Bluehost review aimed at making you see and understand why, indeed, most people have Bluehost Web Hosting as their favourite. This review will also help you understand why Bluehost is unmatched when it comes to web hosting provision.

Bluehost is a Linux based platform that was incepted in 1996 and one which offers web hosting services to both individuals and businesses in need of high quality web services. The company provides easy software platforms that enable easy web creation, reliable connections and reasonable pricing among others. Its upgrading has seen an increase in the customers using the services and comes at no additional cost. The company hosts over 1,000,000 (one million) domains and its customer prospects currently stand at 20,000 every month.

Bluehost Features

Bluehost has the following: WordPress hosting (allowing an easy creation of blogs), open source hosting (one can obtain products that are of quality with flexibility just a click away and easy installation), site builders (enable users to create their own website fast and hassle-free by using existing templates or their own) and emails with advanced features such as anti-spam and mail forwarding software among others. Other features include: unlimited domains, free disk space that have enough space for many databases and tools for controlling websites, e-commerce services (enabling users to sell their products online), reliable speeds and bandwidths, excellent customer service, the ability to use blue host coupons to pay for packages (at discounts) and platforms such as cpanel (control panel) systems.

Why Bluehost has gained popularity

Bluehost Hosting provides: reliability (enables multimedia, high-quality streaming without speed reductions), reasonable pricing (giving customers value for their money) and availability for consultation (should any glitch arise). It is in this respect, Bluehost continues to create and maintain a wide customer base.


For all the above awesome features, the discounted price for Bluehost services – obtained through the use of Bluehost coupons goes at only $3.49 per month, while the non discounted price (not using coupons) is only $6.95. Either way, this is a great price for all the services one gets to enjoy; especially since other web hosting services price way higher than that, yet do not even guarantee the quality of their streaming. Godaddy offers shared hosting at prices cheaper than Bluehost. Their basic hosting package is available at $1 for an annual term plan. You can use these popular GoDaddy Coupon Codes to avail this discounted pricing offer on hosting and other domain purchases from Godaddy.

Customer service

In addition to the round-the-clock customer service provided by the Bluehost team- to clients who may have issues with the services or just need some assistance, Bluehost offers video tutorials from which customers can learn more about the services, as well as find answers to most of their questions.

Money back guarantee

Most web hosting service providers simply sell their products, and that is it. For Bluehost, however, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and that is why they give people a 45 days money-back guarantee; should their
services (for whatever reasons, whether the geographical location of a customer or some technical glitch with their operating systems) not deliver as effectively as the company has sold them out to be. With Bluehost, your web services just got excellent.